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OneWest Bank, a division of CIT Bank, N.A., is a regional bank with over 60 retail branches in Southern California. OneWest Bank specializes in consumer deposit and lending including personal checking and savings accounts, Money Market accounts, CDs, and home loan products. OneWest also offers small business checking, savings, CD and Money Market accounts as well as small business loans and treasu


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Former Employee - Retail Banker says

"Cheapskate Company. Stay away now."

Current Employee - Universal Banker says

"the system. management. incentive pay. incentive structure. Unorganized."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Employees that have been there for many years are underpaid. Incentive program not good. Too difficult to get paid out. There are people in Manager or upper management roles that shouldn't be in those roles. Operations in the branches set employees for failure. Unnecessary sales pressure for deposits to branch staff."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible leadership. Regionals are not able to support their branches and unqualified for the position. Staffing is horrible."

Former Employee - Management says

"If you want to be part of a cookie cutter company, be my guest. I am referring to the bank branches. Some offices make their goals easily, the money walks in the door with little or no effort on the part of the employees. Other offices work their tail off for every single penny and the reward is a higher goal. The correct term should be quota. Yup, sell what gets you to your quota and ignore the customers needs. Business as usual. Work, life balance, what is that???"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything about this company is terrible! I have never worked at a more unorganized bank before. Branches were constantly running off of 3 maybe 4 people, always short staffed. Quarterly bonuses were a joke. The way this company is going, I wouldn't be surprised if it completely shut down in a couple of years."

Current Employee - Relationship Banker says

"Unrealistic expectations for their employees... no support from management or back office. Turn over is insane in this company. 12 employees quit in a matter of 3 months in a single district which says a lot"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management is terrible, especially RMs. They don't care about the challenges that happen on the front lines and there is a constant demonstration of favoritism. RM is not consistent in messages with the team causing confusion and frustration. Branch teams are not happy and looking to leave company. HR does not listen nor care about concerns of the team employees, even when there is clear and evident harassment. Not a good place to work"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Goals are un realistic and compensation structure is terrible, too many people leave and the recruitment process to replace them is non existent"

RCM says

"no recognition and always being talked down to"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Another terrible work and drama filled environment. No help is given once you are put there after training and you cold call customers stating that their house in foreclosure and almost force them to arrange a payment plan on the spot. Whether it's due to their significant other dying and losing their house or their family member being sick. No compassion, empathy or respect in this company."

Teller/Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The West Hollywood Office was an unfair enviorment"

Banker II (Current Employee) says

"Managers are very rude. Nothing is ever enough for them they make remarks about your background feel stressed and really anxious going to work. They treat people very different Cons: No breaks. And they tell you you don’t work enough"

Universal Banker (Current Employee) says

"This company started off great until they add pressure to the entire staff. It misleads you to believe you job duties are one thing, but then has you doing way more than you know or could. Management deceive and sometimes mistreats team just to protect their image of not getting fired. When reporting to Human Resource, corrective actions seem to never take place correctly. Upper division claims they care about your concerns, but really could careless. It is a difficult and time consuming place to work for."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management is not helpful for career development. Honestly some seem a bit racist and favorite. Co-workers (finance/accounting) full of unfriendly people. Weird company. Wouldn't recommend or go back!"

Customer Service Representative IV (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care for anything but it's own profit margin. They took over the mortgage company I worked for. Bought as many delinquent loans as possible. ground every employee into the ground to turn around all the loans they could and then sold them to the highest bidder. Once they were able to they sold the mortgage division and moved the servicing over seas putting everyone at my company out of a job. Cons: Pick your poison"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"they dont treat you like a real person. you are only numbers and extra body sits there. pretty depressing environment. upper management are horrible, they are never available for you and no support what so ever. commission is bad, and no coaching or job advance. so glad i do not work for this company anymore."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This site has been likely to close for the last two years which creates uncertainty and bad moral throughout (HQ in Pasadena California). CIT Group recently bought OneWest. There are less than 130 employees and there are several temporary workers that have been there for 1 - 2 years with no paid days off, no sick days, and no healthcare. I was a perm employee and watched several temps get removed from their jobs and then some of them re-hired 2 months later. Most importantly, the pay is low for permanent or temp employees and with the growth and opportunity in Austin right now there's no reason to waste your talent here. Cons: lack of direction, bad moral, high turnover, low pay."

Default Collections Representative I (Former Employee) says

"Working for OWB in one of their call centers is a nightmare. You will not be trained adequetly, treated like a human being, or treated fairly. OWB does not make you feel like a part of a team, they make you feel like a number that is highly replaceable. Their values and work ethic is poor. Extremely stressfull, especially when you are hired for customer service and they change your job completely to collections. Would not recommend this compant to anyone. The only good thing working there was the pay. Cons: lack of company values"

Personal Banker II (Current Employee) says

"Management is lazy and expect staff to do all the work. The only place where you can sit around all day and still get paid. Personal Bankers are worked to death and expected to bring in new clients while management does nothing. Cons: bad management, poor technology"

Insurance Loss Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I am unable to provide a positive review if this company and unable to provide specific reasons due to family order. This company is no longer open to my knowledge."

Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"Operations was s great experience. I learn and grew and became a better employee. Management was supportive and we worked as a team to get the job completed with excellence. Cons: Short Breaks, in IRA Departments training was minimal, Poor Management in IRA Department"

Specialist III, Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"This company value friendship over anything. Managers will ask their department employees on how to do with their work. Then managers will take all the credit. Majority of these managers do not have an college degree, majority of these managers have a high school diploma. If you have a college education then you're out the door here. Also, these managers cannot communicate in email with good grammar and punctuation skills. The office environment here has the setting of a High School environment which means majority of the employees will talk all day and start drama instead of doing their work. This company WILL NOT KEEP TALENT, instead they will get rid of the talent, and keep their friends. Unfortunately, that's what left at this bank THE FRIENDS! The sad scenario is if you have an college education then there's no room for you in advancement; the value of friends and low education is the key here. Don't waste your time! Cons: Terrible management and education level is down"

Contact Manager (Former Employee) says

"Always trying to cut corners and cut costs with the employees and customers alike, which lately included letting go of 700+ people in Texas alone. The salary does not match at all the job duties and they make you do projects that never get completed or get ignored after they are done. They are just waiting to sell the company again so don't work for these people if you are a long-term career-minded individual. You are not retiring from here. Cons: Very high-school drama culture, promotion of favorites, no job security and no flexibility of schedule"

Foreclosure Reviewer - OCC audit (Former Employee) says

"temp position, no real job security. Reviewing of documents. Cons: repetitive work, no job security"

confidential (Former Employee) says

"I worked there before it was sold. It was a difficult place to work given the climate of the financial industry at that time. Not really a good place to work, quite stressful for no reason."

Relationship Associate (Former Employee) says

"Amount of services that are offered is limited with limited potential compensation. Cons: Limited services"

Personal Banker & Relationship Associate (Former Employee) says

"The bank does not want to grow. Management expects a lot from you without giving the tools. i came from a large bank and felt handicapped coming to OWB. Cons: Management and pay is poor"

Accounting Specialist IV (Former Employee) says

"My supervisor took pleasure in pitting our team members against one another and gossiping. Lots of immature behavior from co-workers and leadership. Cons: Poor Management, Immature Behavior Allowed"

Analyst I (Current Employee) says

"Not much to say. Company is liquidated and will be gone in a few months."